The 2014 WARL Smarter Than Smoking ANZAC Challenge will be held on ANZAC Day, Friday 25th April 2014 at Lark Hill Sportsplex in Port Kennedy (Home of the Rockingham Sharks).

This years event will be FREE ENTRY so don’t miss out on the great WA Rugby League action, including the traditional Haka from the Perth Kiwi U18′s and Men’s. Bring the kids along for a bounce on the Pirates Jumping Castle and a fun filled day of Rugby League.

Gates are open from 1.30pm with the game times as follows:

1.45pm – Under 12′s – North v South
2.40pm – Under 15′s – North v South
3.45pm – Women’s Leaguetag – Perth City v Perth Kiwi
4.50pm – Under 18′s – Perth City v Perth Kiwi
6.30pm – Men’s – Perth City v Perth Kiwi

Training times for each grade are as follows, please contact the WARL on 9228 9275 if you have any questions or are unable to attend training.

Under 12′s
South - 5.00pm at Lark Hill Sportsplex (Rockingham Sharks), Thursday 24th April.
North - 5.00pm at Admiral Park (Joondalup Giants), Thursday 24th April.

Under 15′s
South - 5.30pm at Lark Hill Sportsplex (Rockingham Sharks), Thursday 24th April.
North - 5.30pm at Admiral Park (Joondalup Giants), Thursday 24th April.

Under 18′s
Perth City – 6.00pm at Curtin University (Edinburgh Oval), Thursday 24th April.
Perth Kiwi – 6.00pm at Admiral Park (Joondalup Giants), Thursday 24th April.

Women’s Leaguetag
Perth City – 6.00pm at Webber Reserve (Willagee Bears), Wednesday 23rd April.
Perth Kiwi – 6.00pm at Webber Reserve (Willagee Bears), Wednesday 23rd April.

Perth City – 6.15pm at George Burnett Park (South Perth Lions), Wednesday 23rd April
Perth Kiwi – 6.15pm at Ken Allen Field (Fremantle Roosters), Wednesday 23rd April

Promo Anzac 2014

Congratulations to the following Under 18′s players selected in the Perth City v Perth Kiwi teams to play on ANZAC day, 25th April at Rockingham (Lark Hill Sportsplex), Kick off at 4.50pm.
Players selected MUST attend school. Training will be on Thursday 24th April at 6pm, Perth City will be training at Curtin University and Perth Kiwi will be training at Admiral Park (Joondalup Giants).
All players must call the WARL office on 9228 9275 to confirm their position in the team.
Henry Fui
Saialoa Faafua
Kobe Tuhukaraina
Elijah Busher
Falcon Peni
Chase Epiha
Marcuz Connett
Jaxon Ewe
Poinga Biddle
Ethan Williams
Kohu Leeton
Tane Waikari-Graham
Kianoa Gudgeon
Terrell Berryman
Jessie Day
Savaan Tahere
Quintin Needham
Josh Broughton-Spark
Akua Robert
Dylan Rye
  •  Training – Admiral Park, home of the Joondalup Giants, 6pm, Thursday 24th April
    Coach – Darren Smith
Tyler Thomas
Jason Nicholls
Wicus Boshoff
Sam Defiddes
Tamba Lebbie
Jake Doubikin
Isaiah Chase
Alec Campbell
Jamie Le
Corin James-Comini
Kiam Fletcher
Brody Whitehead
Reece Dickson
Cameron Grimes
Tre Meunier
Luke King
Samuel Hutcheson
Sonny Kerr
Jean Piere Delange
Troy Heta Clark
Dennie Jevdendevk
  • Training – Curtin University (Edinburgh Oval), 6pm, Thursday 24th April.

Congratulations to the following Women’s Leaguetag players that have been selected to represent Perth City and Perth Kiwi in the annual ANZAC clash. They will play against each other on ANZAC day, 25th April at Rockingham (Larkhill Sportsplex) in what will be a selection trial for the state team to represent WA in the Championships in Adelaide on 6th to 9th June.


Mel Thomas (Captain) – Fremantle
Michelle Bayne – South Perth 
Danielle Parker – Willagee
Kirsty Parker – South Perth
Emma Macleod – Joondalup 
Janie Wihone-Mackey – South Perth
Amy Wakefield – North Beach
Michelle Traynor – Fremantle
Sue Ley – Rockingham
Martha Paul – Kalamunda
Shanaz Te Ahuru – Fremantle
Jayde Proctor – South Perth
Emmy Nikora – Rockingham
Noni Martin – Willagee

Coach: Danielle Parker 0435131681
Perth City training - Wednesday 23 April 6.00-7.30pm, Webber Reserve, Willagee


Tanisha Scorringe (Captain) – Fremantle
Riarne Cornell – North Beach
Zealandrea Marks – South West
Megan Kremer – South West
Toni Morgan – South West
Donna Huinga – Joondalup
Trudy Whaanga – Joondalup
Ellen Churchward – Kalamunda
Michaela Turner-Wallace – Willagee
Loren Peakman – Willagee
Lianna Hay – South West
Adrienne McDonald – South West
Toni Anderson – South West 
Sarah Rameka – Willagee

Coach – Mata Robert 0450 770 807
Kiwi training - Wednesday 23 April 6.00-7.30pm, Webber Reserve, Willagee 

Players are asked to pay a $50 deposit at the Anzac Game to be considered for State selection.
State team staff will collect the deposit before the game.  Unsuccessful trialists will be reimbursed the deposit. 

Good luck to all players.

It is with great pleasure that we announce the Perth City and Perth Kiwi Teams for the 2014 WARL Smarter Than Smoking ANZAC Day clash.  These two teams will play off on Friday 25th April at Lark Hill Sportplex as part of the selection trial to Represent WA in Adelaide on the 5th to 9th June.

Perth City

M. Bottom- North Beach
K. Burton – South Perth
N. Chaplin – Joondalup
S. Coleman – South Perth
B. Coughlan – Fremantle
S. Gerhadi – Fremantle
B. Gibson – Fremantle
R. Gleis – South Perth
J. Godecke – North Beach
M. Howarth – Joondalup
D. Hume – North Beach
J. Jacobs – South Perth
B. Nicolls – Rockingham
J. Phipps – South Perth
M. Porges – South Perth
E. Proudler- South Perth
B. Sharpman – North Beach
J. Smith – Willagee
D. Smith- Rockingham
J. Upson – Fremantle
K. White – Kalumanda
R. Wilson – Rockingham

M.Doeg – Coach 0409 235 295

Training will be Wednesday 16th and Wednesday 23rd at South Perth RLFC 6:15pm start. Contact the coach if you are unable to attend.


Perth Kiwi

J. Aspen – Fremantle
G. Adams – North Beach
D. Butler – Fremantle
R. Davis – Joondalup
D. Edwards – Fremantle
L. Faulkner- Fremantle
A. Fox – Willagee
R. Gillet – Fremantle
S. Graham – Fremantle
M. Gray – South Perth
B. Henderson – North Beach
F. Matthewman- Joondalup
J. Pereira- Willagee
C. Reedy – Joondalup
S. Scott – Rockingham
T. Sheehan – North Beach
D. Shepherd – South Perth
J. Stringer – Fremantle
K. Tarrant – North Beach
P. Te Wara – South Perth
T. Tohiarki – North Beach
W. Tullioa – Fremantle
C. Walters – Willagee

P.Abercombie – Coach 0407 660 008

Training will be Wednesday 16th and Wednesday 23rd atat Fremantle RLFC 6:15pm Start. Contact the coach if you are unable to attend.

Congratulations to all players.

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Tuesday the 15th April NRL Development Officers from the WA Rugby League will be in Bunbury to hold a Rugby League holiday clinic. This is open to anyone between 6 to 16 years of age and is on from 10am to 2pm at the Bunbury Runners Club (Home of the South West Warriors).

This is a completely FREE clinic, all kids are welcome in what is set to be a fun filled day learning skills and participating in many activities.

For further details can you please contact the WARL on 9228 9275